Occupational English Test or OET is conducted exclusively for medical professionals seeking chances in Australia. This examination is targeted at making the entry of medical doctors, nurses and technicians easier to Australia by bypassing the difficulties of IELTS. The Reading and Writing subtests are simpler but Listening and Speaking are slightly more difficult. Listening situations are from Australian English. Speaking is profession specific where the candidate has to do role play answering the queries of the examiner assuming the part of an inpatient in a hospital circumstance.

IELTS contact At present the examination is conducted seven times a year in 40 centers all over the world. In South India Chennai and Bangalore are the only centers. In the first appearance all the four sub tests of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing are to be taken together. Subsequently individual subtests can be taken independently to make up for lower scores.


International English Language Testing System holds pride of place among all prime international examinations which function as yard sticks to measure English language skill of people who seek immigration, profession or academic pursuits in English speaking countries.


Test of English as a Foreign Language is stipulated as a prerequisite in academic and research organizations in parts of the world where the American or Canadian scientists or academicians are at the helm of affairs.


Occupational English Test is conducted by the Australian Medical Council exclusively for medical professionals seeking to practise their medical profession in Australia.