Nikunjam English Study Center


Our cordial welcome to all lovers of English Language.

This site is meant for takers of IELTS , TOEFL and OET Examinations which are quintessential for visa processing for entry to English speaking countries as immigrants, professionals or students. The modus operandi of these examinations demands better understanding and our endeavor would be to extend a helping hand with intensive coaching, personal care and professional guidance.

The kind of assistance you get in our institution is intimate and nonformal. You will be attended to by academicians who have made a mark of themselves in higher level English teaching. They will be of aid and support in all your English language subtleties. Also they can provide you with expert remedial guidance in areas where you may be diffident.

You can join us with trust. Service to the cause of English education is our motto.

In the present day international context the significance of English as global lingua franca has been well acknowledged. The old concept of anyone English speaking country claiming superiority of its English is fast fading out and a new international English has taken origin, with hardly any tag of an imperial culture. This modern development transforms the ideas of the past shedding off umpteen linguistic rigidities. The dos and don'ts that shackled and smothered smooth use of English are almost cast to oblivion. It is a matter of pride to all users of English that horizons of this language open up vaster vistas, day in day out, and with every advancing moment.

More than any other language, English has been the most liberal borrower of words from all nooks and corners of the planet, the earth. This has marvelously enriched the already rich and profound word list of English . Grammar, syntax, spelling, word formations and sentence structures have undergone and are undergoing a sea change to keep abreast of the changing needs of the present day globular communication.

We, as an institution for imparting English education, make genuine and persevering attempt to rise upto the new global scenario, in this second decade of the twenty first century. Our sincere effort is targeted at providing English Language learning in a more professional and meaningful fashion . We hope that this will equip our students to feel quite at ease with their English language requirements, wherever they may have to live and whatever purpose they may have to use it.

IELTS We are a team of meritorious and experienced English Language academicians who can swim with the varying tides of academic currents where our students have a footing. The best, quality service from us is the legitimate right of candidates who enroll with us.

Professional, systematic and intensive coaching for IELTS , TOEFL and OET Examinations, from us, has been put to good use by our former candidates and we have always left a track record for extremely good results. We shall repeat the same or even more in the years ahead.


International English Language Testing System holds pride of place among all prime international examinations which function as yard sticks to measure English language skill of people who seek immigration, profession or academic pursuits in English speaking countries.


Test of English as a Foreign Language is stipulated as a prerequisite in academic and research organizations in parts of the world where the American or Canadian scientists or academicians are at the helm of affairs.


Occupational English Test is conducted by the Australian Medical Council exclusively for medical professionals seeking to practise their medical profession in Australia.